Pinafore Dresses

Button up this season with our cute collection of pinafore dresses, designed to take you to any occasion with one quick outfit change. Dress it up like a vintage queen in denim dungaree dresses teamed with sleek polo necks and chunky leather biker boots for classic 90s vibes or keep it current with faux leather styles and a cute cord pinafore dress teamed with this season’s trainers. Wanna put a fresh spin on your next 9-5 look? Zip it up in pinstripe styles and black pinafore dresses and work it with a pair of white ankle boots to earn that next paycheck, babe.

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Dungaree Dresses & Pinafores

A pinafore is a style staple that makes your basics look not so basic! Try a denim, black or pastel pinafore dress styled with jersey or slogan tee for a great look that gives you street style cred.